Our Standards

The extra virgin olive oil produced at Darnum Park Estate is of the highest quality. We make every effort to grow and produce a natural product free from chemical abuse, induced watering practices and forced fertilizer schedules. Tree care is our primary objective as we believe that a healthy and happy tree will be productive as nature intended to be. That is why we are committed to working our farm using modern farming techniques as well as hands-on practical work ethics.

West Gippsland receives abundant rain fall year round for olive growing, therefore we do not need to irrigate; and the rich soil of the area usually supplies the trees with all they need.

Our olives are hand harvested and processed without chemical or preservatives – usually within 48 hours of harvesting, therefore ensuring a fresh natural product. The olives are processed by our modern stainless steel “Olio Mio” oil extraction machine and the oil is then rested for two weeks to settle naturally. At no stage is the oil filtered or anything added, therefore retaining its full flavour and purity. The settled oil is stored in stainless steel vacuum sealed containers until bottled. Bottled oil needs to be stored in a cool dark place as light and heat will destroy the natural goodness and flavour.

Farm hygiene is paramount in any framing practice and we do not allow animal grazing on any part of the property, restrict machinery movement, and also do not allow foreign material to be brought onto the property. Cut grass and prunings are naturally broken down and returned to the soil as organic goodness.

Our range of fresh tasting oils from mild to robust are produced under the best natural conditions and we have strict quality control.