The Oil

The first taste of our fresh extra virgin olive oil (direct from the press) was a real surprise to us, very peppery, fresh green taste, and light buttery texture. It tasted nothing like the overseas oil we had been buying from the supermarket.

Cooking with our fresh extra virgin olive oil added a whole new dimension to the taste of food and the aroma that filled the kitchen was unmistakably, wonderful.

We want other people to experience the great taste of fresh extra virgin olive oil as it should be – the individual characteristics of each variety.
The early harvest Coratina (Italian variety) produces fresh green apple coloured oil, big flavours, robust and peppery on the palate. This oil, when fresh, is not for the faint hearted – it really does have a kick. Great for cooking prime steak, or giving your salad a spicy finish.

The mid season harvest of Kalamata (Greek variety) produces a beautiful fresh oil which is rich and smooth in flavour. Used for dipping, cooking or drizzling over pasta dishes.

The mid to late harvest Frantoio (Italian variety) produces golden coloured oil, mild and fruity in flavour. This is the classic olive oil which is suitable for all cooking, salads and dipping.

The late harvest Koroniki (Greek variety) produces a very small olive from which a superb and freshly grassy flavoured oil is extracted with a good pepper finish. This oil is for special occasions like dipping crusty bread, and to drizzle over pasta dishes or on pizza bread.

Every cook passionate about producing great tasting food will have a selection of these extra virgin olive oils in the cupboard. Give your salad a lift with the robust Coratina extra virgin olive oil or drizzle the fruity
Frantoio over your favourite pasta dish to bring out the best in your cooking.

Extra Virgin olive oil has the best flavour and the health benefits are at their peak when the oil is fresh, that is, soon after its extraction. Extra virgin olive oil should be consumed during the first 12-18 months after extraction as this is when it is at its best. Oil up to 24 months from extraction is still very good, but you may notice a decline in flavour.

We care for our oil as much as we care for our trees, so you can be assured that it is the best we can produce.

Our oil is tested to ensure it meets the Extra Virgin Olive Oil standards.